on some days, only momentum carries me on

Today has been one of those days when I realized that I’m behind on too many things. I haven’t responded to personal e-mails for almost two weeks, and I haven’t participated in my writing groups for six weeks now.  The last I corresponded with e-mail-friends is over two months. The last time I tied my ankle weights or lifted a barbell must be over a month ago. My to-do list is scattered over numerous scraps of paper, over my desk, under my mousepad, everywhere. Luckily, I will not lose any of them, because I haven’t swept this room for a while 🙂

So, why am I blogging instead, especially because I have nothing to say today?

I am blogging because I told myself I will try to blog every day for this month, January 2009, to see how it works for me. And let’s face it, the fifteen minutes I would save by not blogging (or the half-hour or hour) will barely make a dent in my to-do list, so why not at least stay on target here?

I do not know other bloggers personally, so I do not know what they get by blogging. What I am hoping to understand is, how difficult or easy is it to share thoughts in a forum that is so public, and yet where the chances are extremely high that I will not be read 🙂 Already, I can see that I tend to share great detail in some areas, and none in some others, and that making some types of entries satisfy me more than others. On January 30, I will start the process of consolidating my learning.

My lesson today is very simple. It is not always possible to think deeply. But it is still easy to continue a habit that is on schedule than to start catching up on stuff that is dishearteningly behind.  Momentum helps.  Once things fall too far behind, I guess an equivalent of a law of inertia takes shape, and I am sure time management gurus have nice-sounding names for this.

Me, I don’t have time to read time management books, either…at least, I can’t think of them today.

Maybe I should, at the very least, collate my pending list. Maybe it won’t be that big or frightening, and it may not take as long to write it out as it does to fret about it being scattered and uncontrolled 🙂

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About Swapna Kishore
I'm a writer, blogger, and resource person for dementia/ caregiving in India. I have also been a dementia caregiver for well over a decade, and am deeply concerned about dementia care in India; on this blog I share my personal caregiving journey, my experiences as a resource person for dementia care, and musings on life, aging, dementia in India, and such sundries. More about me and the work I do for dementia care. For structured information on dementia, for discussions, tools and tips on caregiving issues, for resources in India, and for caregiver interviews, please check my website http://dementiacarenotes.in (or its Hindi version, http://dementiahindi.com). For videos on dementia caregiving (English and Hindi), check the youtube channel here.

One Response to on some days, only momentum carries me on

  1. austere says:

    You don’t know your readers, you said- but they know you, from reading your words and piecing a picture together.
    Good show, the daily posts.
    I manage a couple a week.

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