Blogging, introspection, action

Today concludes a month-long blog-a-day exercise, and I must admit I am rather glad it is over 🙂

So yes, I managed daily entries, most of them non-trivial. And yes, the introspection helped, even though there were days I would rather not have done it. And yes, I am clearer about my caregiving direction and attitude, so I am ready (so I hope) for the months to come. Most important, I now understand why caregiving has affected me so much, and the answer is, it has shaken me in things that are fundamental to life itself, well beyond caregiving. Sigh!

But enough of introspection. Now I must use my understanding to evolve an integrated approach, and then align my actions to it, whether I am caregiving, or blogging, or writing (trying to?) fiction. Or just taking a stroll and feeling the evening breeze.

Today, I will treat myself to one large chocolate ice-cream to celebrate the end of this blog-month. Then I will rejoice about the fact that I don’t plan to set targets this year, and now have eleven months where I don’t have to do anything 🙂

And then, perhaps, in the days that follow, I will peep into all that confusing stuff stirred up in my mind by the last few blogs of this month, and get down to action.

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About Swapna Kishore
I'm a writer, blogger, and resource person for dementia/ caregiving in India, and deeply concerned about dementia care in India. On this blog I share my own caregiving journey, my experiences as a resource person for dementia care, and musings on life, aging, dementia in India, and such sundries. More about me and the work I do for dementia care in this set of pages:

3 Responses to Blogging, introspection, action

  1. austere says:

    Thank you. For sharing.

  2. austere says:

    Just to say hi.
    Trust all is ok.

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