Hindi website for dementia caregivers in India (40+ pages): an announcement

This blog entry is to share that I have created a 40+ page Hindi website for caregivers of dementia patients in India. Below, I explain the scope and purpose of the site and put forth my request to all blog readers.

The website:

The site is at http://dementiahindi.com. Topics covered include dementia, caregiving for persons with dementia, related resources available, videos, interviews, and contact information. Everything on the site addresses the caregiver, keeping in mind what a dementia caregiver (as per my understanding) may need to know, or what may help a caregiver. The cultural context is India, and so the examples and the assumptions of system/ social support are based on what is found in India.

The material is written in conversational, normal Hindi (Sanskritized words have been avoided). There are pictures and cartoons, with blurbs in Hindi. As most available online material is in English, many of the referred links to go English sites, but I have also given links to all online Hindi material on dementia/ care that I am aware of (which is pathetically low, and therefore I created this site). The material is a loose (not exact) translation of the English site, Dementia Care Notes, and has a more Indian idiomatic flavour which is possible because it is in Hindi.

The purpose:

As I am not aware of any extensive Hindi site on such a topic, my attempt in creating this site is to break out of the chicken-egg situation of demand-supply related to Hindi sites. People don’t create sites because no one visits them, and people do not look for them because there are none…that is the sort of problem I have tried to step out of.

The http://dementiahindi.com site is created:

  • For people who prefer to read in Hindi
  • For people who prefer English but need to show family members stuff written in Hindi (they can print the pages/ show them online)
  • For volunteers who are too busy to/ unable to support caregivers who need support in Hindi (they can pass the link/ print the pages)
  • For volunteers who want to prepare material in Hindi (they can contact me so that we can work out how they can use this material as input)
  • For myself, as a starting point for more work I may do in Hindi (like preparing videos)
  • To provide an online presence in Hindi that may make a Hindi-speaking caregiver approach me for help, – with the confidence that they can talk to me in Hindi
  • For the curious who may surf by and read the site/ use it to reach other online material available in Hindi

Future Plans:

These are not ambitious, and consist of:

  • In an on-going way, responding to anyone who contacts me through this site
  • Accepting and processing any suggestions/ corrections based on my time and energy levels
  • Updating the site for more Hindi material I may prepare (prepared as per my time and energy levels)
  • Updating the site to provide links to other material in Hindi that may be available or accessible

My Request to You:

Please spread the word about this site.

I sometimes get emails asking me, “Can I pass on this link to someone I know?” and I’d like to state it clearly that the very purpose of creating such a site is that it should reach people who may be helped by it, so please, please spread the word; you do not need to ask me to pass the link around. There are many people in India who are not all that comfortable with English (though they may not say so), and would prefer material in Hindi if they could get it. Please share this link also with people who may get helped, with people who may know people who may get helped, with people who may know people who may know people who need help…you get the picture.

Social media shares are good. But social media shares last just till the next bunch of tweets and status updates fill up a couple of scroll-downs, so please also consider adding the link to your blog/ site if you think it could help, if you think it fits…

As far as I know, there are no established conventions for how people locate Hindi material on the web. Different people use different ways, and most assume there will be no material. Searches don’t work that well, most people do not use Hindi transliteration on their computers, the Hindi aggregator sites (that were supposed to collate information on Hindi websites) keep going defunct.

So the only way I know to spread the word is “word of mouth” or “word of mouse”. Have a look at the site, and if you think it suitable, please spread the word.

Please help me by giving me any more information you have on online Hindi material on dementia care. I will check it out, and include it as suitable.

Please help me out through feedback on the site, especially any awkward sentences you note, any place where the language is not conversational enough, or there are spelling mistakes. And, of course, other suggestions. I am not an expert, and I have done this alone, and I would appreciate your input.

At the end:

There is, of course, stuff I’d love to share about how I got into this, why, and how I finally got over my diffidence and took the steps needed to create this site, but they are probably worth an entry of their own and that can wait.

For now, let me just end this post by reiterating: The website http://dementiahindi.com is now a complete unit, with 40+ pages, aiming at helping caregivers of dementia patients in India. It is before you. Please consider the site announced. If you have the time and energy, please have a look.

If you see any mistakes, or if you have any suggestions, please, please let me know. The beauty of online work is that it can be changed, improved. Email me or use my contact form (both available at the contact page). I did this work alone, but now it is out there, and I am not alone. I welcome comments.

If you think the site could help someone, please help spread the word. Mention it wherever you see fit–social media (Facebook, twitter, whatever), your blog or site. If you think it can help anyone, please use “word of mouth”, “word of mouse”, whatever.

Thank you.

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About Swapna Kishore
I'm a writer, blogger, and resource person for dementia/ caregiving in India, and deeply concerned about dementia care in India. On this blog I share my own caregiving journey, my experiences as a resource person for dementia care, and musings on life, aging, dementia in India, and such sundries. More about me and the work I do for dementia care in this set of pages: https://swapnawrites.wordpress.com/about-contact/

One Response to Hindi website for dementia caregivers in India (40+ pages): an announcement

  1. Kalpana Malani says:

    Great work Swapna! I’ve taken a printout for the maid and my staff.

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