I love to hear from people, whether you are someone with whom I’ve shared stuff in the past, or are meeting me now because of my blog or sites. Do write in with whatever you want to share, ask, suggest, whether it is about life in general, or about dementia care, or any other topic you think could interest us both. Queries, comments, suggestions, shared stories, everything is welcome.

(If you are writing to me for dementia caregiving queries, or to know about resources/ facilities in India, please, please also check my English website for dementia caregivers in India. Of special interest to most persons, in addition to various caregiving tools, may be the pages on “trained attendants” and “long distance care“. You can also read 20+ detailed caregiver interviews. City-wise and all-India dementia-specific resources are also listed. The website has a Hindi version. Caregiver resource videos are also available at my Youtube channel with English/ Hindi videos for dementia care.)

(If you are concerned about dementia/ care in India, and want to help in spreading awareness/ supporting caregivers, please check out this section for my collection of ideas and resources: Resources: If you want to help caregivers.)

Please note that I currently do not use guest blog posts on this blog, so please do not contact me offering to do blog posts. In case the situation changes, I will edit this message accordingly. Thanks!

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