Documents/ presentations for dementia care in India (English, Hindi)

I have a set of presentations and documents available in my Slideshare account. Some of these are also embedded in my various website pages/ blog entries, but others may not be. All the presentations/ documents can anyway be viewed directly on Slideshare and some may even be downloaded.

Basically, I use Slideshare to upload presentations I created for talks/ documents I created for someone, so that my thoughts and work are available to a wider audience. These include both English and Hindi material.

Topics of the available presentations/ documents include presentation for dementia awareness, setting up dementia support groups, understanding caregiver perspectives and issues, using the Internet for the dementia cause, etc., in addition to various dementia and care related topics.

You can view my Slideshare uploads at my Slideshare page here: Swapna Kishore’s slideshare page.

Pages in this section:

Dementia/ Care Resources for caregivers in India

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