Videos for dementia care in India (English, Hindi)

I have prepared a number of videos in English and Hindi related to dementia and care. These are linked to from my site, and also uploaded on my youtube channels and can be viewed directly on youtube.

The two Youtube channels are:

  • Dementia Care Notes channel on Youtube: This contains information/ suggestions on dementia and caregiving topics. The context assumed is India, but the content will probably be reasonably useful for persons in other cultures/ countries, especially where there are cultural similarities. Topics covered include: Introduction to dementia, the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s, How to help someone with dementia in activities of daily living, How to communicate with a person with dementia, Discussion and tips for wandering.
  • Swapnawrites channel on Youtube: This channel is being used by me to share videos about my personal experience as a caregiver. Of course, every individual’s experience of dementia and coping mechanisms are different, and these videos are a documentation of my own journey through my mother’s care, and not any type of generalization.
  • [I will upload the complete list some day! But you can see the list at the youtube channels anyway…]

Pages in this section:

Dementia/ Care Resources for caregivers in India

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