Websites for dementia care in India (English, Hindi)

I maintain two comprehensive websites for dementia caregivers (English, Hindi). The websites assume the care context is home care in India. However, the discussions and other content is likely to be reasonably relevant for care in other cultures/ countries for most topics, and even more so if there are similarities in culture/ state of awareness, etc. These two websites are:

Dementia Care Notes (English website)

This 90+ page Dementia Care Notes website offers information, resources, and caregiver stories to help dementia caregivers. It is intended for dementia caregivers in India, and caregivers outside India involved in “remote caregiving” for dementia patients here. If you are a family member of someone with dementia, or a friend or colleague, this site may help you understand what is involved, and also provide information on relevant resources. The site could also be of interest to someone concerned about dementia care, especially dementia care in India.

The site includes sections such as:

  • About Dementia: For basic information on dementia, including dementia in India. The section focuses on providing information that help caregivers, such as a detailed discussion on how dementia affects behaviour.
  • Caregiving for dementia patients: This section provides material for caregivers of dementia patients, starting from the approach for care, the role, and planning required. It includes various caregiving skills, compiled as a Caregiver Essential Toolkit. It also includes special topics like using trained attendants, family conflicts, getting help from others, and handling long-distance dementia care.
  • Caregiver Voices: This section presents a variety of experiences of dementia caregivers as interviews, and as links to blogs, sites, and news articles where caregivers have shared their experiences.
  • Resources: Information is provided for dementia resources and services across India, including resources for cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and many other cities. Links are also provided for authoritative Internet-based resources outside India. The section also contains links to useful videos and books on dementia. Some presentations are available for view/ download.
  • Our presentations and downloads: Presentations/ videos and downloads from Dementia Care Notes to help understand dementia and related caregiving. Downloads are available.

Visit the site at: Dementia Care Notes.

Dementia Hindi

The Hindi website is a 40+ page website. It is based on the English website (Dementia Care Notes), but not a literal translation. No automated translation tool was used, and the content has been rewritten in Hindi to connect better to Hindi speakers using suitable language/ idiom. Given that persons seeking information in Hindi are still relatively few, the home page of the website has been designed to provide more content and convey some of the essential information right away.

Visit the site at: Dementia Hindi.

Pages in this section:

Dementia/ Care Resources for caregivers in India

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