Resources: If you want to help caregivers/ spread dementia awareness

If you are concerned about dementia caregivers in India and want to help them, this section could be of interest to you. Here I discuss what I feel volunteers need to learn and know in order to help caregivers. I discuss the context in which most caregivers in India operate, and share my ideas on areas where volunteers can help. I also share the documents and presentations that I have prepared during the course of my own volunteer work, in case they could also be useful to you.

The section also includes several ideas (small projects, big projects) suitable for students and others who want to do something related to dementia in a limited time-frame,

If you have any comments or additional resources/ suggestions, you can use the “comments” option to add them, or use the contact section of the blog to contact me.

In addition to the pages included in this section, this blog includes several blog entries related to awareness of dementia and supporting caregivers in India. These could be of interest to volunteers/ others who want to spread dementia awareness/ support dementia caregivers. Check the following categories:

5 Responses to Resources: If you want to help caregivers/ spread dementia awareness

  1. Healthcare professionals are not aware and sensitive enough to alzeimer’s pateints.
    My father who was admitted in a reputed hospital during his advance alzeimer’s stage , often mistreated there because nursing staff was not at all trained enough to understand an alzeimer’s pateint. My father obviously used to be very much scared there due to frequent injections, blood test and suction etc. Due to his illness he could not understand the reason of all that trauma.

  2. True Shalini, I too faced the same problem, I had to explain repeatedly to nursing staff that my father could not follow instructions, could not be left alone etc due to his Alzheimer’s. Yet they continued to ignore instructions. It is a very sad situation where awareness of these issues is lacking even in the medical professions.

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