Understand caregiving realities, issues, challenges

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To provide effective support for dementia caregivers, it is necessary to understand various caregiving issues and challenges so that the advice and solutions offered are relevant and are conveyed sensitively. A basic introduction on home care was provided on the page: Introduction: Dementia Home Care in India. This page provides an advanced discussion of caregiving, including the context of care and the challenges.

Dementia Home Care in India: Overview and Challenges

This presentation looks at dementia home care in India in the entire context of India’s current and estimated prevalence, existing support, societal awareness levels, family obligations, etc. It considers the care scope in terms of what is involved and the iterative nature of the care work and learning, required because of the progression of dementia. A framework has been used to explain the situation and challenges. Unfortunately, we do not have enough resources and infrastructure to address most current challenges faced in India, but the presentation includes some suggestions that may help.

View the presentation below, or view the presentation directly at Slideshare if the player below does not load properly.

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Caregiver Issues and Challenge

This presentation focuses on caregiver issues and challenges. It can be used for a quick overview of some important challenges caregivers face. (You can also view the presentation directly on slideshare if the player does not load below: click here to view the presentation on slideshare)

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Resources: If you want to help caregivers/ spread dementia awareness

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