Focus: Create Dementia Services and Products, Facilitate Support Forums

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Families living with dementia can be supported through a variety of services and products. Sharing dementia experiences and tips can also be facilitated through caregiver support groups. It can be useful to understand the actual experiences of families of the support systems (and lack thereof) around them; this presentation puts these together in a framework that can help potential contributors decide how they would like to prioritize their work.

Broad areas for contribution are:

  • Centers that help families get timely and appropriate diagnosis, and better access to suitable treatments and interventions
  • Services that share part of the direct care work, such as day care and respite care, or home-based services such as providing trained attendants or home nursing
  • Products that help the person with dementia be more independent, or help caregivers in their care tasks
  • Services that help persons with dementia have more active lives through cognitive stimulation/ well-designed activities.
  • Others, such as services that give families information or help them evaluate options, such as legal counseling
  • Caregiver forums for sharing information, experiences and tips, and supporting each other

This section includes various ideas on how concerned persons can contribute to improving dementia awareness in India.

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