Focus: Improve Dementia Awareness

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Awareness about dementia is a basic building block for helping families get appropriate and timely diagnosis, and suitable treatment and care. Better awareness about dementia enables things like:

  • Lay persons recognize when they may need help, and differentiate between correct information and misinformation/ myths/ stigma. They know how to support others coping with dementia.
  • Concerned persons may study dementia, do research on it, take on professional work, social work, and participate in various dementia initiatives.
  • Entrepreneurs and organizations may consider building appropriate, affordable services and products for dementia after realizing the challenges families face and that there is demand for services and products.
  • Advocacy may increase. Public pressure for better support may build up. Corporate entities may be willing to fund initiatives. Governmental bodies may improve policy support and resources for dementia; they may integrate dementia better in health care work.

This section includes various ideas for improving dementia awareness in India.

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