On this blog, my current focus, and such things

It’s been a while since I blogged, so here’s an update on my intentions and directions, this blog, and such stuff. But first, please note that while my blogging is less frequent, I am still very active in the dementia domain and I respond promptly when contacted–so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. (read about what I do here)

When I began this blog, I was my mother’s caregiver. At that time, I was overwhelmed with the care work and trying to get a sense of balance in my life. My initial entries were on my situation at that time, and my memories and understanding of my care journey till then. I shared these under the broad category Caring for mother (including Dementia Diagnosis, Living with dementia, Challenging Behavior, People around us, Adapting home and life, Late stage care). I also shared my Musings of a caregiver (including topics like Caregiver role, Caregiver isolation, Fulfilment in caregiving, Pondering about dementia, aging, and caregiving, etc). These personal entries, over 150 of them, span well over a decade long dementia care journey.

As I became more informed, I began creating content that could help other caregivers (and later, volunteers). I blogged to share thoughts and observations about dementia care in India, provide links to my work, and so on. (See Topics on the Blog for more).

When my mother died around four years ago, I lost the person closest to me. My main role—being a primary caregiver – had disappeared. Blogging about my loss and disorientation helped me through this transition.

Blogs evolve with the life of the blogger. The shifting profile of my blog entries reflect that. In the initial phase, I had many years of past events to explore and share. Once I caught up with sharing those memories, my later entries have mainly been around ongoing concerns, observations, and work.

My broad concerns regarding the dementia domain have remained much the same for last few years, and so has my personality. I am a self-doubting introvert trying to contribute. I remain an unhappy realist in how I view the state of dementia awareness and support in India. The paucity of information and services still deeply concerns me. However, I no longer create blog entries focused on these aspects, because that gets boringly repetitive.

My current focus is still content creation, keeping old content up-to-date, and interacting with persons who contact (more on my current work here). I’m also working more on my Hindi blog.

I now blog only for significant milestones and completed projects that warrant a blog-style entry. I use Facebook to share ongoing content creation and also to share thoughts, concerns, and queries where I need faster feedback. (You can connect personally with me on Facebook, or “like” my Dementia Care Notes Facebook page). I may resume frequent blogging here if some concept or topic that fires me up requires a longer format for expressing it. If you “follow” this blog, you will get notifications whenever I post.

Meanwhile, please look at the stuff I’ve already shared (check the menu or side bar of the blog, or see the Topics page). And get in touch with me if you want. Thanks!

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Stepping back, stepping forward into a new year

A new year begins. Here’s to hoping that all of you who believe that such beginnings matter are finding yourself poised well for the future, happy with whatever you’ve decided to do or not do, or happy that you shall not decide and let yourself go on with the flow. And hoping, too, that what is available to you–time, energy, capabilities, moods, support systems, whatever–is aligned to your choices and directions.

In one sense, an year is just another collection of days, with the first day of the year being notional and conventional. But this convention, a beginning marked by a number, also gives us an opportunity to pause and think before we venture forth. It provides us an occasion to consider options and make choices and decisions which we may or may not implement in the year that follows.

To me, new year resolutions have never been a big deal, because I make resolutions and changes even without the year-beginning marker. But this year I am choosing to be especially soft and gentle with myself, the way I often suggest to other caregivers and ex-caregivers 🙂 I am staying free of new commitments because I would like to play with the possibility that I can be curious and explore–and resolutions (even a resolution that determines that I must be curious and explore) can be binding.

For the last few years, I’ve been starting the year with a 31-day blogfest (one blog a day all through January), but this year, I am skipping that blogfest to release spaces within me–spaces of time, energy, mindset, emotions. I shall be continuing with activities I am committed to, both on the personal front and in areas related to dementia care. But hey, I may use the rest of my time to indulge myself in luxurious activities or just do nothing or I may use it to ponder or explore…

I think this could be an interesting year ahead. I hope that is true for you, too.

Till the next post, then.

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What blogging means to me

Day 21, and I am well into this month’s blogfest, past the 60% mark, which (in my student days) was the cut-off for “first class”. Which makes me a “first-class blogger”, in a manner of speaking. Given that I was reluctant about this year’s blogfest, it is a relief that I have managed to blog every day so far. It has not always been easy, but it has also not been as tough as I had feared.

Blogging is, for me, a strange medium, both intensely private and openly public.

One some days when I sit down to blog, I am in a small little world of my own, just writing to sort out my thoughts and emotions. On those days, even though I know I am blogging, I forget that others may read what I write. On the sadder days, each word draws out with it a droplet of my blood, or so it seems. It is so private. It is only when I am about to click “publish” that better sense prevails and I go back and try to clean out things that are just too private or could be intrusive for others.

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Blogging, introspection, action

Today concludes a month-long blog-a-day exercise, and I must admit I am rather glad it is over 🙂

So yes, I managed daily entries, most of them non-trivial. And yes, the introspection helped, even though there were days I would rather not have done it. And yes, I am clearer about my caregiving direction and attitude, so I am ready (so I hope) for the months to come. Most important, I now understand why caregiving has affected me so much, and the answer is, it has shaken me in things that are fundamental to life itself, well beyond caregiving. Sigh!

But enough of introspection. Now I must use my understanding to evolve an integrated approach, and then align my actions to it, whether I am caregiving, or blogging, or writing (trying to?) fiction. Or just taking a stroll and feeling the evening breeze.

Today, I will treat myself to one large chocolate ice-cream to celebrate the end of this blog-month. Then I will rejoice about the fact that I don’t plan to set targets this year, and now have eleven months where I don’t have to do anything 🙂

And then, perhaps, in the days that follow, I will peep into all that confusing stuff stirred up in my mind by the last few blogs of this month, and get down to action.

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