Fun times, me-time, glasses half full, and why I no longer have dreams

Here’s a post on stuff I enjoy, and what keeps me (though some may contest that) sane and cheerful and active most of the time. Seeing the glass half full and all that. And why I don’t dream about my future.

glass half full

Which reminds me, here’s a half-full glass at Café Coffee day after I’ve sucked out every drop of the Lemon Mojito–but not all glasses sparkle when half full. I even sat there for ten minutes waiting for the ice to melt–I’d paid for it, right?–then realized that ice-cold water wasn’t worth the wait. There’s such a thing as “sunk cost”. But this is quite unrelated to what I’m going to ramble about.

There’s fun and there’s fun, and on days when I can go out, I love long walks and cold coffee with ice-cream and puris and drooling over books in assorted bookshops. I don’t socialize (I’m an introvert who finds gatherings stressful) but I like going out alone or with hubby, walking, mall-walking, or sitting in a coffee shop, watching the hustle and bustle around me.

But I also build fun into my days at home.

Like jigsaws.

People rave about meditation and visualization for calming the mind, and I’m all for meditation so long as it is others who are doing it: great going, guys. Mindfully watch thoughts sneak in, and hopefully you find it enlightening rather than disheartening to recognize your “monkey mind” (and no, that’s not a mind thinking of monkey business). Visualization’s never relaxed me, either.

But a jigsaw engrosses me. Beats meditation, beats brain focus exercises. You can’t complete a 1000 or 1500 pc jigsaw if you are distracted.

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