Young today, a dementia caregiver tomorrow; let us involve the stakeholders

There is something very energizing about seeing young people buzzing around having rip-roaring fun, doing things, getting all charged up about causes–there is so much energy there that it inspires (except if one has to match it, because then it intimidates). But I think we underestimate what the young of today can do, and don’t give them the information they need to improve their tomorrow.

I refer, of course, to informing youngsters about some of the harsh facts about dementia and how it will hit them if they get yanked out of their lives to become caregivers 🙂

Youngsters are often involved in elder care through various schemes, typically involving improving the quality of life of elders through intergenerational activities, or doing some chores for elder care facilities. There are “adopt a granny” type of projects, and sometimes school kids may also be taken to spend an afternoon at an old age home, or do a craft project for some grandparent-aged persons, and so on. Play periods are fixed where the old and young finger-paint together, and some such intergenerational activities are held with dementia patients, too.

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