Ramblings of a failed manager, and a bonus video

This post is selfish, because it is about I, me, myself, but that’s allowed in blogs, right? I’m in this self-justification mood I sometimes slip into because I want to do so many things but cannot do them all, and I need to tell myself, hey, I’m doing all I can, okay? I tell myself to chill out rather than burn out. And to have hope that others will help if needed.

The trigger for my mood today is an email asking me about my “dementia old age home.” I get such embarrassing emails often: mails asking me about my “day care center” or “respite care center” or other “services” I must be offering, and which a desperate caregiver needs to use. I have to tell them that I’m sorry, I don’t offer any such service. Some visitors who look at this blog and at my Dementia Care Notes site assume there’s an office behind it. That, since there is so much matter on the web-pages, there must be an establishment behind it that offers much more. Offers real stuff, you know.

Let’s begin with the confession, folks. Creating stuff for the website, the blog, the other stuff I put up (articles, videos, presentations) are bulk of what I do. And I participate in various support groups and other online forums. And I spend time learning what I need to keep doing the stuff. That, and responding to mails and the consequent phone support for caregivers; I stay in personal touch with lots of caregivers, pouring out my heart and catching their poured-out hearts, and that takes time. Sometimes people planning to do stuff for caregivers contact me and I share my comments on their plans, or brainstorm with them. But I don’t offer day care or respite care or trained attendants and all that, I only hope others will.

For the curious amongst you, here’s this large enterprise and office that’s behind my work–me, the one person factory. Luckily a Nokia phone camera does not “capture” dust or X-ray the bookshelves packed with fiction and pop-science and other fun reads.

picture of Swapna office      picture of Swapna table
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