Topics on the blog

This blog contains over 200 entries where I share my personal stories, observations, and concerns related to dementia care in India. For well over a decade, I was the caregiver for my mother, who had dementia. Additionally, for the past few years, I have also been trying to spread dementia awareness in India and supporting caregivers to the extent I can. These blog entries are based on my experience as caregiver and volunteer. Below are the categories under which the entries are grouped: (If you are looking for structured information on dementia/ care, check the resources pages at: Resources: Website/ Videos for dementia care.)

For persons who are concerned about the dementia domain in India, or want to take on some work in it (like a school project or some volunteer work), I have created a section of resources that can be seen here: Resources: If you want to help caregivers/ spread dementia awareness, which has several entries under it to explain the context and provide suggestions on possible areas for contribution.

I also have some entries related to organ/ body/ brain/ eye donation, and that category can be viewed here:Organ/ Brain/ Eye/ Body Donation

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